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For patients:

People are exposed to ionizing radiation from the beginning of time. We are exposed to the natural radiation to which, with the development of human civilization and nuclear technology, is linked this artificial radiation, man-made ionizing radiation.

Thousands of hits ionizing particles per second are impressive values which every man is exposed, but his body has built-in mechanisms to regenerate damaged cells.

X-rays are among the ionizing rays, which because of its high energy are used in radiology (in medicine). They arise when accelerated electrons strike the metal anode, on this occasion to slow down and emit radiation.

They were discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, in 1895.

Effective Dose: exposure to ionizing radiation, and is expressed in sievert. It is estimated that the average person receives an effective dose of 2.5mSv (milli sievert) per year from natural radiation.

By comparison, for a small snapshot of the tooth (intraoral) you are at a dose of 2.5-3.5 μSv (micro sievert), which is less than half the usual daily dose of absorbed radiation.

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